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Payments Accepted

  • Visa, Master Card, American Express
  • Money Orders
  • Certified checks in US Dollars on US Banks.
  • Paypal
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Credit card information transmitted through the encrypted secure system is not stored on this website or on the internet.

SHIPPING COSTS - Shipping Preferences

A. Let us know
  • Your Address
  • If you prefer air or surface shipping.

B. Choose and option for shipping charge

1.We are happy to calculate cost in advance of mailing
2. You may use our Flash Quote rates (below).

When we calculate cost, we take into account

  • Air or surface rate for your address
  • Size and weight of the package.
We then send you a firm price so that you will know what to include in your check or the amount you will be charged.

Flash Quotes:
Using a Flash Quote will accelerate shipping by eliminating the need for an exchange of e-mails to determine costs. For a single, normal weight book being shipped within the U.S., you may use the following amounts.

Media Mail (4-14 days*): $3.00.
Priority Mail (2-5-days*):
Western U.S. $8.50 (CA OR WA MT UT NV CO AZ NM)
Eastern U.S. $8.50 (New England, NY PA Mid-Atlantic Carolinas GA FL AL KY TN OH)
Southern Mississippi River States and Texas $6.90
Upper Midwest $5.90
Hawaii and Alaska $9.50

Remember, the above costs are for single, normal weight books

a multi-volume book set -
a heavier than normal weight single book -
a map, print, pamphlet, or brochure -
or if it is going to an international destination

* Approximate number of days according to U.S. Post Office estimates.

Packaging and Mailing

We pack books in boxes. At times, however, we will use Priority Mail envelopes for small or thin items to save costs, especially to international destinations where Global Priority is allowed and a significant savings is possible. When a Priority envelope is a better choice, we create a box inside the envelope using protective lightweight and inflexible material.

When safe to do so, paper items may be sent in triple strength mailing tubes.


Our books, maps, and prints are nearly always one-of-a-kind. There is a possibility that the item you're interested in could be sold before your order reaches us.

If you need time to make up your mind about a purchase, we can put an item on hold. Our hold time is 7 to 14 days, depending on the circumstance. Please let us know if you change your mind.
Call 612 822 4700 or send an email to [email protected] to hold an item.


A book, map, print, or other item is returnable if we have mis-described it or it arrives damaged. If either condition applies:
  • We ask you to notify us within 5 days of receipt and describe the problem.

  • We then require that you wait for us to send an e-mail containing packing and shipping instructions before you send it back (this will be our acknowledgement of your need).

  • We stand behind our descriptions and packaging and strive to resolve any problem quickly and easily.

  • At times, certain problems can be resolved without subjecting the book to a second trip through the mails.

  • We promise to help you learn more about the item you're interested in purchasing before it is mailed so that you may buy with confidence. We will answer questions and provide images before you place an order. Just ask.
We are conscientious about caring for and preserving books and paper and everything found on the paper. Our hope is that these items may be enjoyed by many more generations of readers and viewers. We honor those before us who cared for the items and passed them down.

Questions, comments, or suggestions
Please write to [email protected]
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