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ALS, TLS, Signatures

Autographs:ALS, TLS, Signatures

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1 Benedikt, Michael AUTOGRAPH Signed Note Card
1978 . 
This is a lined note card autographed in ink with two notes to the autograph collector by hand. The signature and greetings are on the blank side of the note card. The address is typed on the blue lined side of the card and the return address is also typed vertically on the side. To be used as a postcard. The cancellation is unreadable - other autographs from the period of this collection are dated 1978-1980.; .; Signed by Author 
Price: 30.00 USD
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2 Bly, Robert AUTOGRAPH Signed on Note Card Stationary with Drawing
. Signed by Author
This is die-cut, floral embossed stationary note card signed on the inside in green ink accompanied by his familiar drawing of a little bird he often includes with his signature. No text. The note card was signed in 1978 based the date on the envelope that has a Willmar, MN cancellation and a USA Dance stamp. One fold by the notecard manufacture r. In fine condition. ; .; Signed by Author 
Price: 40.00 USD
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3 Creeley, Robert AUTOGRAPH ALS with Envelope

This item is a signed letter to a fan on his printed letterhead note paper (signed twice) , plus an envelope. The note paper is 7" high x 6" wide with a letterhead. It is printed with his name and address of 400 Fargo in Buffalo. The note is dated Sept 2, 1978. It is folded twice, horizontally. His autograph is in the center. He then signed the note on the lower right of the third portion of the note. The envelope is hand printed. The return shows only his last name and his address. The envelope is dated 2 Sep 1978 from Buffalo. Clean, fresh. The fold marks are subtle. ; . 
Price: 125.00 USD
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4 Dickey, William AUTOGRAPH Signed Post Card in Calligraphic Style
1978 . Signed by Author
This is autographed post card written in calligraphic style with black ink on a custom postcard style and size handmade card of white art type paper. It is written in response to a request for an autograph. The note is written within a tasteful possibly hand drawn border. He writes that The Rainbow Grocery will be published in the fall and names the Press. Signed. The address side is written in calligraphy and his name and return address is written vertically on the left - from San Francisco, CA. Cancellation is dated 8 Aug 1978. ; .; Signed by Author 
Price: 45.00 USD
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This is a Program from the February 13, 1962 performance by Holbrook at the Swasey Chapel, in Granville, Ohio. It was a benefit program to create a Scholarship in Theatre Arts at Denison University. The program is a single piece of a rectangular paper, folded twice to form six panels. It is 9 inches tall and 5 3/4 inches wide when folded. The autograph is to the right of a photo of Holbrook (36 years old) and above a photo of him made up as Twain. When opened the first page is a list of possible selections for the program. The second is background information about Holbrook and the purpose for this event. There are two pages of lists of donors to the scholarhsip. The back page is blank. There is a note that the idea for the Benefit program was his. He asked that all the proceeds go to establish the scholarship with interest from the principle to go to a student showing unusual dramatic talent. The list of selections has a clever note about why the program is tentative. And, there is a statement titled "Music". It says: "A trombone player was engaged, but is unreliable and should not be expected. " There is a tiny spot and a faint hint of a soft crease or two. Generally, well cared for. Holbrook graduated from Denison University. ; . 
Price: 175.00 USD
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6 Levertov, Denise AUTOGRAPH Simple Signature on Simple Paper

This is a simple signature in blue ink in the upper left corner of a piece of blue paper which appears to be 1/2 of an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. It is folded once, horizontally, the fold does not affect the signature. The signature is in the first third of the top half of the paper. The envelope is postmarked Boston, MA on 11 Aug 1978. There is no message or greeting on the paper and there is no return address. ; . 
Price: 55.00 USD
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7 Lindsay, Vachel AUTOGRAPH Signed Small Gift Card
1978 . Signed by Author
This is a small gift card signed Vachel Lindsay in ink - no note or greeting. The card is 3 1/4" x 2 1/4" on creme color stationary with a plate type border. Fine condition. The accompanying envelope was mailed in June of 1930. Washington stamp - 2 cents. ; .; Signed by Author 
Price: 85.00 USD
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8 Merwin, William AUTOGRAPH

This item is a Autographed Letter Signed by Merwin. It is two paragraphs: one referencing an analysis; the other is a statement about plans to pass through Iowa the following month. The letter is dated 9/28/81. It appears to be pen and ink. The paper is lightweight, 8 1/2 x 11" folded three times for six panels to fit the small envelope. The envelope is hand-written and the return address is signed Merwin at RR xxxxxxxxxx, Hawaii and is postmarked 20 Sep 1981. The stamp used was Babe Zaharias holding a trophy. Clean and somewhat crisp, , the fold marks are obvious, ; . 
Price: 95.00 USD
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9 Metcalf, Paul AUTOGRAPH Typed Letter Signed
1980 . Signed by Author
This is an autographed typed letter on one line ... with a clever phrase. The typed address is an RFD and Box number in Chester, MA and the date is July 21, 1980. The note is typed on a white glassine type paper of letter size, folded twice horizontally and once vertically. There is an envelope with a pre-printed return address, a typed mailing address, and a cancelled stamp from Chester, MA dated Jul 23, 1980.; .; Signed by Author 
Price: 35.00 USD
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10 Richard Eberhart AUTOGRAPH

This item is an autograph on the reverse side of a snapshot of Richard Eberhart in front of a portrait of Eberhart sent to a collector of autographs of poets. The portrait is a side view looking left. Eberhart is standing partly at the right corner of the painting - most of his head and neck are included in the photo. He inscribed the reverse side and signed his name the the date - June 1978. The envelope has his writtine signature with a return address in Hanover, NH. The envelope is postmarked White River Jct, VT. 1 Jul 1978. The outside dimensions of the photo are 3 1/2" high x 2 1/2" wide. The quality of the paper is fine - no wear. The quality of the photo can probably be described as a non-professional snapshot. Well cared for. ; . 
Price: 149.00 USD
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11 Rickenbacker, Capt Edward V. AUTOGRAPH Typed Signed Letter on EAL Letterhead As President of Eastern Air Lines to Frank Dale, Autograph President of the Mechanical Man, Inc.

This is a letter from Eddie Rickenbacker to Mr. Frank Dale who was President of the Mechanical Man. Rickenbacker was responsing to a letter by Dale commenting on a mix-up in reservations and a commendation of an employee of Easter Air Lines . Rickenbacker was President and General Manager. There is a reference to a former (ongoing? ) meeting . The letter is addressed "My dear Frank". : This typed letter is on Eastern Air Lines letterhead from the Rockefeller Plaza office of EAL at the time of this letter, July 11, 1949. There is mention of the Constellation aircraft. Signed in ink. There is a slight hint of a crease on the upper right corner. There are two fading fold marks typical for a letter. No envelope. ; . 
Price: 245.00 USD
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12 Stafford, William AUTOGRAPH Typed Letter Signed
Lake Owsego, OR 1978 . Signed by Author
This is an autographed typed letter on one line ... With a clever phrase. The typed address is an RFD and Box number in Chester, MA and the date is July 21, 1980. The note is typed on a white glassine type paper of letter size, folded twice horizontally and once vertically. There is an envelope with a pre-printed return address, a typed mailing address, and a cancelled stamp from Chester, MA dated Jul 23, 1980.; 8vo; Signed by Author 
Price: 40.00 USD
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13 Thomas, Lowell AUTOGRAPH Signed Promotional Flyer
1937 . Signed by Author
This is a promotional single piece of paper with text and half tone photographs - signed in blue ink by Thomas, printed on two sides. It appears to have been printed in the 1930's, possibly by the The Alber Bureau of Cleveland, Ohio, Louis J. Alber, President. One side is all text referencing Lowell Thomas and his "Wonder-Films". Two paragraphs, then two subjects - about two of the films: "With Lawrence in Arabia and Allenby in Palestine", plus "Into Forbidden Afghanistan". The reverse side features four photos. One with Col. Lawrence - the famous one of both on their haunches in desert head gear. Another is of Thomas in a British style desert hat with a second hat that fits over the first to spread out and protect the neck and shoulders. In this same photo, Thomas wears sunglasses, a pointed collar, bow tie, and jacket buttoned at the waist - leaning against an old car (quite a contrast on the desert) . A third is a photo portrait with carefully combed hair. The fourth is a photo of Thomas with a leg on a fence, a cane in the one hand, with a camera on a tripod to the side. He is talking to an armed guard. There is a sign to the side that says "It is absolutely forbidden to cross this border into Afghan Territory" He has signed the piece partway between the first two photos. There is a blue ink stroke mark a few inches away from the signature. The paper is in good condition, no tears, wear, or soil. However, at the top of the text side of the brochure, there is a piece of paper glued to a portion of the edge. The promotional piece is 11" x 8", folded twice, once horizontally, once vertically. ; .; Signed by Author 
Price: 98.00 USD
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14 Woollcott, Alexander AUTOGRAPH Typed Letter Signed
1937 . Signed by Author
This is a typed letter signed A. Woollcott in red pencil. The letter is addressed to Mr. Bulkeley, thanking him for 'death crown pictures'. He writes that he hasn't heard of 'the phenomenon' and hopes to explore it. He relates it to divining rod mysteries. (One paragraphs of nine lines) . The letterhead is "The Granger Broadcasts" in two fonts and terra cotta ink. The address on the left is 730 Fifth Avenue New York City and "Office of Alexander Woollcott" is on the right. Date - June 24, 1937. The letter is 10 1/2" x 7 1/4" and folded twice. It is in fine condition. There is a blank business size card enclosed that has a note and a signature. The note is in ink and reads "Dick Bulkeley | His book", then a line, and signature - "Alexander (and a last name that could be Woollcott, possibly not. ) There is no envelope. ; .; Signed by Author 
Price: 185.00 USD
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